About Wags Doggie Day Care

Wags Doggie Day Care offers spacious indoor play space and a great big, secure outdoor play yard in a beautiful rural location. It features:

  • Large 3,000 sq. ft. playroom with specialized rubber flooring to cushion joints and allow for safe play inside.
  • Shady 7,000 sq. ft. fenced outdoor play area where dogs can chase balls, play in pools during hot weather, relax in the shade, and play with their canine and human friends.
  • Dogs are grouped by temperament and play style. Play is carefully monitored to be sure that everyone is safe, comfortable, and happy!
  • Rest time each day, on comfy beds.
  • Young dogs will receive special attention… more frequent potty breaks to reinforce house training, and shorter play periods so they don’t get overtired.
  • A grooming tub to help “keep it clean!” We offer Day Care Dog Wash for current day care clients. Ask to schedule a bath when you drop your dog off for day care.
  • Wags Shop selling top quality dog food,  including Orijen, Acana, and Fromm dog foods,  treats,  toys and more!
Monday – Friday:   7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturdays:  Closed
Sundays:  Closed